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Do You Have to Be Home When Your Maids Come?

Maid Service is a luxury to make your life more carefree! Enjoy your time while we attack the grime!
It's a beautiful, magical thing, to leave a dirty house and come home to a crystal clean palace.
That's why most clients entrust You’ve Got Maids® with their key.

What About My Pets?

Pets are happiest and less stressed at home, surrounded by their familiar environment, following a customary routine. Our maids and our HEPA filtered backpack vacuums may disrupt your pets’ routine. We love pets, but the truth is some pets don’t love us. 

If your pet is predisposed to showing aggression when visitors are in your home, please alert your local office when you are booking service.

Should I Tip my Maids?

Should I tip my maids? Well, that depends, are you happy with your service? If the answer is yes, don't hesitate to tip your maids.

At You've Got Maids, our maids are not minimum wage employees. They earn a Team Share Commission on each happy client, which means they make more money on each job than the local owner. 

Our house cleaners get paid on many different levels.

  1. First, the satisfaction of Wowing their clients.

  2. Second, previously mentioned Team Share.

  3. And third, tips. They love tips! Who wouldn't? A nice tip puts a pep in your maids step.

Your hardworking maids greatly appreciate tips.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Should I sign my maid to a contract? What would be different if I did? Of all our Maid Service FAQs, this one's perhaps the most important. 
What if I don’t like the maid service after the initial house cleaning service? Will I be obligated to allow the maid service to keep cleaning my home if they don’t impress me?
You've Got Maids® believes contracts are for banks and health clubs, and we're neither. We have a simple agreement that puts the pressure on us to earn your business each and every time.

Can My Maids Use My Equipment (Like My Vacuum Cleaner)?

It's your call, but in short - of course they can!

Do We Offer a Senior Citizen Maid Service Discount?

Each You've Got Maids office has a senior citizen discount on housekeeping for the asking, but you do have to ask for the Senior Discount at the time of the estimate. Naturally, you can't combine this Senior Discount with any other special or deal.

Do You Need to Supply Cleaning Products to Maids?

Clients expect our uniformed housekeepers to bring all the cleaning equipment and supplies.
Think about it. If a maid service wanted to skimp on vacuums & cleaning solutions, you have to question the other places they are cutting corners (like paying payroll taxes to protect you from the IRS or paying workers' compensation insurance to protect you from personal injury attorneys).

When is Payment Due for Maid Service?

Payment is due at time of service.

It is You’ve Got Maids® policy to obtain credit card authorization for the initial cleaning and we do keep that information secured in our encrypted computer system.

Should you ever forget to leave payment, the card would be charged at the end of the day. 

We accept cash, checks, and most credit cards. 

The majority of our Clients pay with a credit card.

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